Ages 2-4



In the Intermediate Class, we emphasize socialization and independence. We offer alternatives as frequently as possible in order to foster self-motivation and to give each child a sense of responsibility for his or her own behavior. A wide variety of art projects, fine motor and language activities are offered on a daily basis as well as music, dance, and other physical exercise.


  • Children must be 2 years 10 months at the beginning of September to join the class.

  • The teacher to child ratio is 1:6.


  • Some favorite activities are having classroom jobs which is a fun way to promote learning and a sense of responsibility, learning the basics of American Sign Language, studying the ocean and sea creatures, working collaboratively on class narratives, creating at the art table, ramping, building, and biking.



Myra Davis

Myra has been teaching at TPG since 2005. She enjoys conversations with small friends, games, and stories. There is often someone on her lap or very close by, leaning in for a snuggle or a tale.


Angela Esposito

Angela is the Lead Teacher in the Intermediate Class. She joined TPG in 1998. Angela believes in creating a language-rich environment that encourages children of all cognitive levels and abilities to express themselves freely and celebrate differences. Through interactive songs, stories, and games she challenges them to think independently while developing their vocabularies and fostering a love of learning.


Kristyn Bennett

Kristyn has been with TPG since 2017, and joined the Intermediate Class in the summer of 2019. She treasures moments of creativity and discovery with children. She appreciates their sense of wonder and curiosity, especially while exploring science and mixed media art.

Give me small challenges to solve all by myself and one day, I will be able to solve big challenges all by myself.