Ages 4-5



Our goal is to create an atmosphere which makes learning a pleasant, exciting experience - one which will both encourage and inspire the children to explore the possibilities of all that surrounds them. We attempt to maximize the potential of each child at his or her particular level. We want this to be a positive preschool experience for the children in our class.


  • Children must be 3 years 10 months at the beginning of September to enter the class.

  • The teacher to child ratio is 1:10.


  • The morning is very active, with times set aside to work on projects which incorporate reading and math readiness, science, and nature. We explore the world around us through art and literature. Reading to the children is an important focus of our program. Our house corner is a favorite spot and we enjoy playing games. And we make sure to go outside every day. Some other Pre-K Class favorites are Show and Tell, Star of the Week, and Weekly Reader.



Kelly Anne Davis

Kelly Anne has been a teacher at TPG since 2011. She takes delight in watching the children discover new things in nature, form friendships, and develop language skills. She especially enjoys bringing puppets to life, and nurturing through song, dance, and laughter.


Heather McDermott

Heather has been the Lead Teacher in Pre-K since 1984. She enjoys reading to the class, entertaining the children with character voices, and enjoying their comments and questions. She also encourages mixed media art work and working on large collaborative murals, the more paint the better. Each and every day, she finds it gratifying that the children rise to any occasion and respond in such positive ways.

Play is really the work of childhood.