Trinity Playgroup

Our Team

The strength of our school is our educated, well-trained, passionate and caring teachers.

It is obvious from watching the children blossom that the teachers do a wonderful job.

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Kristyn Bennett

Kristyn has been with TPG since 2017. She treasures moments of creativity and discovery with the children and appreciates their sense of wonder and curiosity, especially while exploring science and mixed media art creations.

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Melinda Bernsdorf

Melinda returned to Trinity Playgroup in 2019 after a few years in Washington D.C. She works with the Post Day Team every day and can be found helping Christa in the office a few mornings a week. She is dedicated to supporting the social-emotional growth of her students. She loves the creativity and imaginative problem solving of children and is always ready to read a story, play on the floor, or get messy with the Trinity kids.

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Chrystie Cannon

Chrystie Cannon became our dance teacher in 2003. Her program, Can Do Inc. introduces the children to body awareness, physical fitness, and the fun of creative movement and self-expression.


Barbra Chigounis

Barbra has been the Lead Teacher in the Toddler Class since 2005. She captures children’s interests through creative and developmentally appropriate lessons, capitalizing on everyday moments and establishing connective experiences. She supports self-expression, likes to improvise songs and games, tell interactive stories, and facilitate “toddlerglyphics” by exploring various fine art techniques.

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Christa Cywinski

Christa Cywinski has been the Director of TPG since 1998. In addition to minding the office, Christa enjoys collaborating with the teacher and parent communities that make TPG the special place that it is. She adores the preschool age group - the running hugs, the clever discoveries, and all the sweet, goofy moments.


Kelly Anne Davis

Kelly Anne has been a teacher at TPG since 2011. She takes delight in watching the children discover new things in nature, form friendships, and develop language skills. She especially enjoys bringing puppets to life, and nurturing through song, dance, and laughter.


Myra Davis

Myra has been teaching at TPG since 2005. She enjoys conversations with small friends, puzzles, and games. In addition to teaching in the morning in the Intermediate Class, Myra spends three afternoons per week in Post Day. She enjoys storytelling and leading the crew in a game of basketball.

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Angela Esposito

Angela is the Lead Teacher in the Intermediate Class. She joined TPG in 1998. Angela believes in creating a language-rich environment that encourages children of all cognitive levels and abilities to express themselves freely and celebrate differences. Through interactive songs, stories, and games she challenges them to think independently while developing their vocabularies and fostering a love of learning.


Robert Matcovich

Professor Bob first started teaching science at TPG in 2008. He introduces the children to the world of solids, liquids, gases, experiments, and more. It's always a good day when dry ice comes to town - science potions and science soda for everyone!


Marie Matlock

Marie has been teaching at TPG since 1998. She loves spending time with her family, especially her grandchildren. And at TPG, you can always find her in house corner, cooking or reading with children.


Heather McDermott

Heather has been the Lead Teacher in PreK since 1984. She enjoys reading to the class, entertaining the children, with character voices and enjoying their comments and questions. She also encourages mixed media art work and working on large collaborative murals, the more paint the better. Each and every day, she finds it gratifying that the children rise to any occasion and respond in such positive ways.


Joe Morris

Mr. Joe started making music at TPG in 2006. He is an accomplished singer and guitarist who rocks the house each week, exposing the children to musical diversity, instruments, rhythms, beats, tones, rhymes, chants, name games, and dance moves, not to mention party soundtracks.


Amy Phath

Amy joined the toddler class the summer of 2019. Dedicated to the love of learning, Amy enjoys the wonders of nature and using our senses to experience the world around us. She is currently pursuing her degree in Early Childhood Education.


Meesh Robinson

Meesh Robinson started at TPG in 2016. She is the Lead Teacher of the Post Day program and the Administrative Assistant to Christa in the office. She also covers in the other classrooms as needed, which gives her the opportunity to work in all facets of TPG! Meesh believes that children are unique and capable tiny humans, and truly enjoys getting to know each child as an individual. You will often find her and Post Day hard at work on processed-based art projects or exploring new sensory based experiences. When not with TPG, Meesh has a program called Story Jams. Working primarily with the Free Library of Philadelphia branches, developing and performing outdoor story times and offering artful experiences for young children and their families around our great city.

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Stevie Schlotzhauer

Stevie Schlotzhauer joined TPG in 2017. In addition to teaching in all of the morning classrooms, she also works in the Post Day program two afternoons each week. Stevie loves the school environment and believes in incorporating children’s interests and creative elements into all interactions. Stevie also works as an artist and art teacher at Mermaid Art Studios on the weekends. She loves making art and showing kids how to express themselves artistically.