Post Day

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This program is designed for children in all three age groups who need a full day of care. The Post Day Group offers a secure, harmonious atmosphere for after school play and encourages creativity and learning through conversation, stories, games, yoga, and the visual arts. 


  • Toddler, Intermediate, and PreK children come together in this intimate end of day program.

  • The teacher to child ratio is 1:5.


  • The mixed-aged classroom is like a family:  the older students nurture the younger ones, guiding them through our routines and empowering them to feel secure. We engage in storytelling, yoga poses and sequences, meditation, make space to share personal experiences, play simple games, vote on daily activities, sing songs and finger plays, talk about themes and foster a sense of community. Artful sensory experiences are an intentional part of the curriculum that accompanies an in-depth study of the world arounds us.


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Melinda Bernsdorf

Melinda is dedicated to supporting the social-emotional growth of her students. She loves the creativity and imaginative problem solving of children and is always ready to read a story, play on the floor, or get messy with the Trinity kids.


Myra Davis

In addition to teaching in the morning in the Intermediate Class, Myra spends three afternoons a week in Post Day. She enjoys story telling and leading the crew in a game of basketball.


Meesh Robinson

Meesh Robinson started at TPG in 2016. She is the Lead Teacher of the Post Day program and the Administrative Assistant to Christa in the office. She also covers in the other classrooms as needed, which gives her the opportunity to work in all facets of TPG! Meesh believes that children are unique and capable tiny humans, and truly enjoys getting to know each child as an individual. You will often find her and Post Day hard at work on processed-based art projects or exploring new sensory based experiences. When not with TPG, Meesh has a program called Story Jams. She works with Free Library of Philadelphia branches, developing and performing outdoor story times and artful experiences for families around our great city.


Stevie Schlotzhauer

Stevie Schlotzhauer joined TPG in 2017. In addition to teaching in all of the morning classrooms, she also works in the Post Day program two afternoons each week. Stevie loves the school environment and believes in incorporating children’s interests and creative elements into all interactions. Stevie also works as an artist and teacher at Mermaid Art Studios on the weekends. She loves making art and showing kids how to express themselves artistically.

Imagination encircles the world...