Halloween at TPG.  We’ve been parading for decades!

Halloween at TPG. We’ve been parading for decades!

There are so many wonderful traditions at TPG.

Open House, Family Playdates, Parent Nights Out, Parent Workdays, The Pumpkin Patch Trip, The Pie Sale, Cooking for WinterShelter, The Auction - we count on our favorites coming around each year.

Halloween slides right into Thanksgiving & Winterfest, pajama day chases down Grandparents’ Day, and then there are the special days to celebrate our moms and dads, and before you know it, it’s time for Graduation and a summer full of water & sand play…

We sing our school song for every event. Of course we do, it was written especially for us by one of our teachers!

School Song

Words by Alesandra Castellucci


We love you Trinity, oh yes we do

We love you Trinity, so tried and true

Our teachers guide us, they do

Oh Trinity we love you.


We learn so many things to help us grow

We learn the things that children ought to know

Each day we come to school and say - Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!