In addition to the rich curriculum developed by our qualified classroom teachers, TPG includes a series of specialty classes and in-house performances in our program. We believe these programs enhance children's physical well-being, help them to develop creative and emotional expression, decision making skills, group work, discipline, and most of all, are fun learning activities. 

Our current offerings are Creative Movement, Science, Music, and Theatre Arts.


Chrystie Cannon

Creative Movement Classes led by Chrystie of Can Do Inc. begin with a warm up, concentrating on individual muscle groups and working up to wiggling the whole body. We learn a little about anatomy and some dance vocabulary and build strength and flexibility. Classes focus on movements through space, encouraging weight shifts, balance, coordination, and rhythm using both traditional dance moves and creative expression.


Robert Matcovich

Robert Matcovich, aka Professor Bob, introduces the children to the world of solids, liquids, gases, experiments, and more. It’s always a good day at TPG when dry ice is involved – science potions and science sodas for everyone!


Joseph Morris

Our music teacher is Joseph Morris (or Mr. Joe as the children call him) from The Laroe Music Company. Mr. Joe is an accomplished singer and guitarist. Most of his experience has come from over eight years as a Speech Therapist and years of making music with children. The goal in early childhood music education is to involve children in meaningful and enriching musical experiences.

Every time you clap your hands, it is called a beat.